Dictionary of Sustainable Management

This is an online dictionary of terms that pertain to sustainability. A product of the Presidio School of Management, this site is an educational tool created to increase the vocabulary of the user. Each entry supports users comments as well.


SustainableBusiness.com aims to accelerate the spread of sustainable business practices by increasing market penetration of sustainable products, services, and the companies that produce them. SB.com covers the field as a whole, bringing together businesses from such diverse industries as renewable energy, organic products, social investing, and green building and construction.

By providing businesspeople direct access to the information and tools they need, meaningful employment and resources … [ Read more ]

Capitalism with Conscience

Can business become a positive force for global transformation? That is the issue addressed in this special feature of the What Is Enlightenment? (WIE) magazine. Find audio/video interviews, articles and downloadable white papers. Authors/participants include: Richard Barrett, Don Beck, Peter Senge, Dee Hock, Brian Swimme, Otto Sharmer, Jeremy Rifkin, Jessica Roemischer, Steve Trevino, Elisabet Sahtouris, and Frank Dixon.

Editor’s Note: WIE claims it is “not … [ Read more ]

100 Best Corporate Citizens for 2005

Businesss Ethics magazine has released its annual survey of the “100 Best Corporate Citizens.” The closely-watched survey has gained national recognition as an indicator of best practices in the area of corporate social responsibility.

The 100 Best Corporate Citizens survey is based on a database maintained by KLD Research & Analytics, a Boston-based social research firm. All companies listed on the Russell 1000 Index … [ Read more ]


IdealsWork helps consumers compare the social and environmental performance of thousands of product brands according to the user’s own individual values. Consumers get to select whatever values are important to them from various categories, such as the environment, women’s issues, minority issues, labor practices, animal rights, weapons, nuclear energy, and so on.

After selecting a set of values, the consumer can then see rankings of … [ Read more ]

U.S. Department of Energy BestPractices Case Studies

The U.S. Department of Energy collaborates with U.S. industry to implement energy-efficiency demonstration projects in operating plants. BestPractices participates in plant-wide assessments and the demonstration projects. Once an assessment or project is complete, BestPractices publishes a case study, which often shows that the project:
– Yields significant energy and cost savings
– Reduces energy consumption
– Improves productivity
– Reduces environmental impacts … [ Read more ]

Sector Strategies Performance Report

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a first-of-its-kind report detailing current environmental performance in 12 major business sectors. The agency hopes the report will create a baseline by which to assess progress in the years to come. How does your industry stack up? Find out by downloading the report today.

As You Sow Corporate Social Responsibility Program

The Corporate Social Responsibility Program promotes corporate responsibility by engaging publicly held companies to adopt more progressive social and environmental policies – using the power of ownership to promote positive change. We engage in dialogue with selected companies, file shareholder resolutions, build coalitions, and conduct shareholder solicitation and media initiatives to raise awareness and promote more responsible corporate behavior.

Corporate Monitoring Project

Since 1996, former U.C. Berkeley finance professor and Wall Street trader Mark Latham has offered the Vancouver-based Corporate Monitoring Project as a kind of Internet samizdat at which he posts dissident shareholder resolutions excluded from proxy material sent to investors.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire

Social responsibility can be a difficult concept to get your arms around, so it helps to see how other companies and nonprofits approach the challenge. The CSR Newswire offers links to news accounts and PR statements on the good deeds announced by companies to further social and environmental goals. Of course, if you want to get the word out about your own efforts, releases can … [ Read more ]

CSR Directory: Resources for Promoting Global Business Principles and Best Practices

CSRwire has launched the CSR Directory: Resources for Promoting Global Business Principles and Best Practices, a directory of worldwide organizations working on all aspects of corporate social responsibility.

The interactive directory provides contact information for more than 700 organizations, with listings of the senior leaders and websites for each organization. Searchable by organization and key contact, the directory provides cross-referenced entries in 25 categories and … [ Read more ]


A decade of explosive growth of new U.S. charities, combined with a stick-to-your-knitting economy, has led to a shortage of board diretors at nonprofits. Worst off are organizations with budgets under $10 million, which account for 95 percent of all U.S. nonprofits. As many as 3 million board seats are collecting dust, according to a report by the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton and Volunteer … [ Read more ]

Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment (SAGE)

This research center disseminates information from the “study of pressing global problems stemming from interactions between human activities, natural resources, and the environment.” Abstracts describe research papers in global systems, land use, water, agriculture, ecosystems, human health, science, and policy. Also included are computer models and datasets, an Atlas of the Biosphere, and categorized links.


U.K. consultancy SustainAbility claims to have coined the phrase “triple bottom line,” which refers to a framework for measuring and reporting corporate performance against economic, social, and environmental parameters. Its Web site offers an introduction to the concept, along with details on the organization’s efforts to promote it. The site also serves as an international clearinghouse for information and news related to sustainable development.

Registered … [ Read more ]


TechnoServe helps entrepreneurial men and women in poor rural areas of the developing world to build businesses that create income, opportunity and economic growth for their families, their communities and their countries.

If you:
– travel to the developing world and find the poverty unconscionable
– do business in Africa or Latin America and want to have a positive impact
– are an … [ Read more ]

FIGS Cybrary

Log on to this site’s “Global Community” for reports, articles, and news on the link between the finance sector and economic and social responsibility. The site’s databases include information on organizations, individuals, and Web resources dedicated to the field of sustainable finance. Also find descriptions of collaborative projects and a list of job postings. The site is designed to receive submissions from anyone who visits … [ Read more ]

Network for Good

This site has three major functions:
*** Make a donation ***
Find a charity you’d like to support.

*** Be a volunteer ***
Share your time and energy.

*** Speak out ***
Speak up about what you care about.

“Network for Good was founded by the AOL Time Warner Foundation; the Cisco Foundation; and Yahoo! Inc., in partnership with over 20 nonprofit foundations and associations who … [ Read more ]

Common Wealth

Looking for a good roundup of news and articles that make connections between nonprofits and world events? Common Wealth, a companion Web site to the print journal The American Prospect, could be just the ticket. The site (and the journal) presents articles on nonprofits, civil society, and philanthropy. While the site provides access to the print magazine’s archives, it also showcases online-only extras including articles … [ Read more ]

MEPI (Measuring Environmental Performance of Industry)

This Web site presents the main results of the Measuring Environmental Performance of Industry (MEPI) project co-ordinated by SPRU – Science and Technology Policy Research at the University of Sussex, UK.

The key objectives of this research project were to:
* develop quantitative indicators for the environmental performance of manufacturing firms
* collect environmental and financial data for a large number of … [ Read more ]

How Socially Responsible is Your Company?

In April Inc. asked its readers to discuss their companies’ commitment to social responsibilty. View that survey’s results – and find out how you stack up against your peers on a variety of issues, including environmental concerns, workforce diversity, and charitable giving.