Run This Diagnostic to Thoughtfully Build (and Evaluate) Your Startup’s Culture

Most founders tend to remain high-level when the topic of culture comes up. For starters, there are tons of reads on why culture matters, but strikingly few on how to actually architect it. We all understand what it means to some extent, but it’s rarely defined or broken down. There are frameworks for product/market fit or founder-led sales, but when it comes to culture, the details are always fuzzier and the advice is less concrete, even though it’s incredibly important. I would argue that culture is actually the baseline for all other frameworks — if you want your company to obsess over product/market fit, for example, you need to engrain that in your culture from the start.

In this exclusive interview, Laura Del Beccaro provides a unique window into crafting culture at the earliest of stages. She offers up a concrete framework for making sure it shows up in values, hiring, performance management, and leadership. Filled with practical pointers and a helpful set of questions to ask yourself, Del Beccaro’s advice also provides examples of both concepts she’s implemented at Sora and ideas she’s collected in her notebook of inspiration. Whether you’re trying to build a culture from scratch, hoping to shore up your foundation before hypergrowth, or evaluating the existing dynamic at a large company, this read is for you.

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