Saving the Chief Executive

This article offers some warning signs of a failed CEO, including:
1. A chief executives who argues for fewer and shorter board meetings.
2. A chief executive’s refusal to consider board candidates who have a reputation for being outspoken and who might be quick to criticize the chief executive’s actions. A corollary of this last warning sign is the manipulation by the chief executive of the membership of key board committees.
3. The steady erosion in the number of security analysts who follow the company.
4. The chief executive’s reliance on his or her “vision statement.”
5. Excessive dependence on management consultants.
6. The dismissal of market share as a measure of performance.
7. Chief executives who go out of their way to blame subordinates for the unhappy circumstance of the company or alternatively to excuse or defend the underperformance of those subordinates.
8. The unexpected departure of management people of promise.
9. The steady coming and going of popular management programs.
10. The growing presence of management by committee.
11. An excessive preoccupation with compensation.
12. The chief executive’s personal agenda is slowly but significantly changed.
13. A chief executive who develop an “edifice complex.”
14. A sharp decline in the chief executive’s grasp of the financial and operating details of the business.
15. The chief executive’s propensity for diminishing his or her heirs apparent.
16. The increasing delegation of key decisions upward to the board.

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