What’s changing the face of the automotive industry

Trends and drivers in the automotive industry as well as an outlook on the years to come.

Rip the Band-Aid Off Quickly

Too often, management teams that face the daunting challenge of corporate transformation don’t move far enough, fast enough, or broadly enough to truly reposition their businesses. Instead, they implement half-cures that can be worse than the disease: round after round of restructuring, strategic redirection, or layoffs, none of them sufficient to heal the wounds. Author Stan Pace uses powerful examples to show that the companies … [ Read more ]

Corporate Venturing: Management Fad or Lasting Trend

Corporate venturing has increased dramatically in recent years as companies seek to grab ever more profitable growth. This has raised two important questions. First, is it a management fad or lasting trend? And second, is it for everyone – or are some companies better positioned to create shareholder value through corporate venturing? Bain’s findings show corporate venturing to be far from a panacea. It’s just … [ Read more ]

The Internet Asset Test

Those companies that succeed in the Internet Age will be the ones that work to apply the Internet to assets to create not merely efficiencies but also new competitive advantage. This article discusses how companies can harness the Internet to make assets more valuable.

Management Tools & Techniques

In 1993 Bain & Company launched a multi-year research project into the usage and satisfaction levels of management tools and techniques. This site provides selected results from that study and offers a concise introduction & explanation of the various tools, incl. a description, related topics, methodology, common uses and reference materials. Items covered include:
– Activity-Based Management
– Balanced Scorecard
– Benchmarking
– Core … [ Read more ]

Panning for Gold: The Power of Customer Segmentation in Online Retailing

All customers are not created equal. The companies that excel, both in the short and long term, are those that are not only thoughtful about where they acquire customers, but also learn to quickly segment the profitable, loyal ones from the fool’s gold of bargain hunters.

Fighting Fire with Water – from Channel Conflict to Confluence

Some retailers are paralyzed into inaction by fear of cannibalizing their existing business; others have been tempted by potential market valuations into creating a spin-off without a coherent channel strategy; and most have been mesmerized by pure plays into thinking there is only one way to compete – on price.

The Jenga Phenomenon: How eCommerce Is Reassembling Industry

challenges each player to remove as many blocks as possible from a cross-hatched tower of wooden beams and to use them to build additional stories, all without causing the tower to crash.Although the name connotes “building,” the game is about both disassembly and reassembly, and as such forms a fitting analogy for the way eCommerce is plucking out key blocks or leveling and rebuilding towers … [ Read more ]