Nine Ways to Identify Natural Leaders

The need to empower natural leaders isn’t an HR pipe dream, it’s a competitive imperative. But before you can empower them, you have to find them.

Transforming employment interviews: creating two-way accountability

Development of a transparent employment process that results in not only the best person for the position being appointed but also keeps that person by making the company accountable for all promises and, or perceptions made or implied during the process.

Project “SPAR” – Can You SPAR?

According to research, renewal capabilities consist of “Swiftness”, the speed of creating alignments; “Proactivity”, the ability to proactively engage in generating alternative decisions; “Adaptability”, the ability to adjust structures, routines and processes to respond to changes and “Resilience”, the ability to minimise stress and recover from unexpected events. Since the purpose of this project is to develop and enhance renewal capabilities, I will name … [ Read more ]

Enduring Success—What the History of Outstanding Corporations Has to Teach Us

For the last six years, Christian Stadler has led a team of eight researchers in a study of some of Europe’s oldest and best companies. They asked: What distinguishes companies that managed to perform at a very high level over very long periods from others that do not perform as well? To answer this question they selected a sample of companies that had turned in … [ Read more ]