The Rediscovery of Articulation

The EBF site is dead. If you click through you will be taken to the Internet Archive site to find an archived copy.

Like the skills of individuals, the capabilities of firms are based partly on explicit records, theory and models, partly on un-codified, tacit knowledge. Articulation of the latter is often a value creating activity but it is also expensive in terms of time and effort. The questions as to how and to what extent firms should articulate the tacit portion of their knowledge base are important ones that deserve systematic attention. One of the prime tasks of knowledge management should be the formulation and implementation of a well considered and explicit ‘articulation policy’, based on careful evaluation of the trade-offs between costs and possible benefits. This is all the more vital since the benefits striven for will determine the way that articulation should proceed, including not only the targeting of skills and capabilities worthy of articulation but also the selection, acquisition and development of appropriate codes and theories.

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