Why Squirrels Manage Storage Better Than You Do

Darwin Magazine is long dead. If you click through you will be taken to the Internet Archive site to find an archived copy.

“Adam Couture, an analyst at Gartner in Stamford, Conn., reports that worldwide storage capacity will skyrocket from 283,000 terabytes in 2000 to more than 5 million terabytes by 2005. When it comes to data, one terabyte-that’s a one with 12 zeros after it-holds the equivalent of 50,000 trees’ worth of printed material. And 5 million terabytes, well, let’s just say that companies like yours will be buying an awful lot of storage. So, suppress that yawn and keep reading. You’ll learn why storage needs have soared, how you can make smart purchasing decisions and the reasons behind some big changes rumbling in the storage industry. Believe us, your budget will thank you.”

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