1992 and all that – does Europe have a Single Market ten years on?

The EBF site is dead. If you click through you will be taken to the Internet Archive site to find an archived copy.

It was meant to be the decade that launched Europe as a global economic superpower. Companies operating inside the EU would achieve new economies of scale as internal trade barriers tumbled, cross-border competition would hasten the restructuring of inefficient businesses, and national protectionism would become a thing of the past. But what has happened since the ‘arrival’ of the Single Market on 1st January 1993? To what extent do businesses really treat Europe as a single entity? Which sectors have benefited, which remain frustrated by politicians’ inability to tear down national rules and regulations? Has the euro made a difference? How does Europe compare to other regions of the world? And what are the chances of Europe being the most competitive knowledge-based economy by 2010?

Update: this debate is continued with three supplmental articles at
International – Europe

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