A Simple Formula for Answering “Tell Me About Yourself”

We’ve all been there — at the far end of the desk watching attentively at the interviewer as he tries to make sense of your professionally submitted resume. After he has some clarity on the type of employee you are going to be, he sets down the file and smiles at you while asking the dreaded question— “Tell me about yourself”

This is the question that rattles us and makes us wish we were surfing in a Miami beach instead of taking this interview.

So, why does this simple question tend to make the strongest of us feel uneasy?

The reason could be as simple as not knowing how much information to let out. Disclosing little information can make the interviewer feel you are hiding something while revealing everything can make you sound like a blabbermouth.

The following in-depth analysis will showcase how to remain comfortable answering the question while hitting the sweet spot necessary to impress your interviewer.

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