How to Keep a Global Team Engaged

Life on a global team isn’t necessarily equitable. Employees far away from headquarters often have less access to the team leader. As a result, they may have a harder time getting their concerns noticed and attended to. Additionally, more peripheral members of global teams are often forced to speak in a language that’s not their own and communicate in a style that’s not necessarily second nature. Logistically, the most remote members of a global team typically have to accommodate their work schedule to what’s natural, comfortable, and convenient to those in the core.

When team members face these challenges, particularly those most distant or from remote regions, they can feel underutilized, out of the loop, disrespected, ignored, and lonely. And they often don’t have an easy outlet for expressing or remedying these feelings. Such frustrations can hurt the entire team’s performance.

What can you do as a leader of a global team to rectify this situation? Here are some tips to help your most remote or periphery global team members feel more connected and engaged.

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