Arthur Ciancutti

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The principle behind the Leadership Organization is that people have an innate, passionate desire to contribute. Opposing this urge to contribute is fear – fear of rejection, failure, loss, retribution, or embarrassment…Earned trust tips the balance between the urge to contribute and fear. When we work in an environment of trust, and one in which leadership models trust, we feel reinforced, validated, and supported, even when our ideas are not accepted. We are far more likely to plunge in, to be creative and generous with our talents. An organizational culture of trust makes us want to support and contribute to the company.

In a Random Organization, on the other hand, the ability to contribute is hit-or-miss. Sometimes people can contribute and feel great. Other times, they wish they’d never opened their mouths. Nobody really knows how it will turn out, because nobody is in charge of setting an emotional direction for the organization. There is no one to tip the balance in favor of contribution by consciously creating an environment of trust and respect.

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