Building a World-Class Sales Force

Many leading organizations have launched efforts to achieve “world-class sales.” But what are the most important factors to measure when assessing the quality of a sales force? And what defines a world-class selling organization? Gallup research shows that measuring and improving three critical factors can help your sales force achieve world-class status.

Your Salespeople’s Impact on Customers

Customers frequently need a nudge to make a commitment. In fact, some of them may need to be bulldozed off the edge of a cliff before they buy. That’s where a salesperson makes all the difference. But not all salespeople are equally effective at gaining commitments from their customers. What allows some salespeople to do this consistently?

Don’t Guess Your Way to Success

Who is the most successful salesperson on your team? The one with the best product knowledge? Or the greatest sales skills? Or the most in-depth understanding of your customers? If you picked any of these, you were wrong. Rather than guess what drives sales success, learn the right answer from America’s best sales force.

Discover Your Sales Strengths: How the World’s Greatest Salespeople Develop Winning Careers

Unlike many how-to-sell books written by motivational gurus and successful salespeople, Smith and Rutigliano’s work is backed up by facts and figures gleaned from 40 years of Gallup research. The authors, both Gallup consultants, dissect stereotypes and debunk popular “myths” about selling to determine that there is no one formula for success, and that training, knowledge and experience cannot make a great salesperson. Instead, they … [ Read more ]

Hiring and Developing Talent: Key Differences

In very real ways, talent is key to both hiring and developing employees. But beware: While selection and development processes may be similar, they actually require quite distinct tools.

Salespeople Who Engage Customers

Sales reps are always seeking the edge — always trying to find a new way to wow their clients. Gallup has identified four key dimensions and eight questions that will help them do just that.

Sales Managers Make a Difference

Gallup’s very first studies of sales forces more than four decades ago yielded some conclusions that are as valid now as they were then. One of those conclusions is that managers make a difference. If you want to improve the quality of your sales organization, start by improving the quality of your front-line sales managers.