Take these four actions to help prepare your workforce for hypergrowth

The success of serial dealmakers depends on how well their workforces can absorb and integrate new employees. Helping people embrace change eases this challenge and supports hypergrowth better. Here are four actions you can take today to get to that goal.

M&A: Does Your Talent Approach Fit Your Deal?

The M&A landscape has changed. Beyond market share and cost synergies, the value of M&A increasingly lies in transformation and growth.

Companies can’t afford to delay transformation for the sake of integration, as it freezes their ability to innovate while competitors surge ahead. Deal approaches need to change, allowing organizations to transform, and talent to flourish during integration.

Using deal intent as a guide, C-suite leaders can … [ Read more ]

Robert J. Thomas, Yaarit Silverstone

When leaders are aware of the conversations that are taking place in their organizations and can identify those that are generating the most energy or emotion, they can allocate their attention (and their interventions) with greater impact.

Leading in Your Sleep

Can leaders be connected, present and effective 24/7? Yes, and they should be—but only after they become sophisticated users of social media, which creates the need for instant accessibility.

Fostering High-Value Collaboration

Companies know that collaboration among people, departments and organizations is important. But collaboration behaviors, structures and outcomes are tough to quantify and, as the saying goes, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Accenture offers insights on how to identify and obtain the most productive levels and kinds of collaboration.

A New Lens on Business Advantage: Human Capital Strategy and the Drive for High Performance

The most enduring source of competitive advantage for a company could well be its people. Yet few organizations develop business strategies that align fully with their human capital strategies. Citing in-depth research and its own HR improvement journey, Accenture talks about how companies can create better strategies by leveraging the multiple dimensions of human capital management.

The Change-Capable Organization

Instead of implementing periodic change programs, tomorrow’s success stories will adapt constantly to new trends and directions. But how does a company develop this capability? Accenture discusses the competencies, structures, leadership tenets and performance metrics that enable companies to change rapidly and organically.

Creating an Agile Organization

The new business environment will favor those companies able to execute strategy faster, with more flexibility and adaptability, and move their companies ahead briskly.

Is This Any Way to Make a Decision?

Informal networks can play a pivotal role in how organizational decisions are framed and executed. But they can also result in too much collaboration—the kind of lengthy and expensive decision making that can cost companies dearly in missed opportunities.

Peter Cheese, Walter G. Gossage and Yaarit Silverstone

Leaders aren’t good merely at decision making. In a multi-polar world, “CEO” also stands for “chief education officer.” A stumbling point for many organizations on a major change journey is that the top level of management has often moved on emotionally toward the new destination before many others have even started on the journey.

An effective CEO needs to step back and bring people along, to … [ Read more ]