Beyond “e”: 12 Ways Technology is Transforming Sales & Marketing

The dizzying barrage of new marketing technologies is leading to confusion, the rule of “hype,” and bad marketing investments and decisions. Beyond “e” is designed to help sales and marketing executives look beyond current e-business fads to understand the fundamentals that will distinguish sales and marketing leaders in the future. The book provides a blueprint for using advances in technology—including but not limited to the Web—to get more marketing power for less money.

Drawing on case studies from leading marketers such as IBM, Eastman Chemical, eBay, CitiGroup, GM, Dell and many others, author Stephen Diorio explains how sales and marketing leaders can:

* Identify where technology can help them grow their businesses faster and get more mileage out of their sales and marketing dollars;
* Develop an action plan to take action today and create competitive advantage tomorrow;
* Anticipate the dramatic changes technology will bring to traditional marketing operations, marketing channels and customers in the coming decade.

The winning strategies in Beyond “e” are based on original best practices research and interviews with thousands of customers and sales and leading marketers, and technology trend analysis from the META Group—the leading IT advisory firm.

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