Building an Innovation Dynasty

Success requires going beyond winning once to developing deep capabilities that allow a company to repeatedly disarm disruptive threats and seize new growth opportunities. Borrowing a metaphor from the sports (or geopolitical) world, it requires creating an “Innovation Dynasty” that can, year after year, churn out successful growth businesses.

Chapter 10 of The Innovator’s Solution by Clayton M. Christensen and Michael E. Raynor (Harvard Business School Publishing: 2003) provides a few pointers about how to create an Innovation Dynasty. It suggests that companies should start before they need to, appoint a senior manager to oversee the resource-allocation process, create a team of movers and shapers, and train the troops to spot disruptive ideas.

This article synthesizes that work with Innosight’s in-the-field experience over the past five years to show how companies that create a blueprint for growth, construct an innovation engine, and support that engine with the right structures and processes can build the pillars of an Innovation Dynasty.

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