Douglas Rushkoff

We think of a medium as a thing that delivers content. But the delivered content is a medium in itself. The many forms of content we collect and experience online are really just forms of ammunition, an excuse to start a discussion with that attractive person in the next cubicle…

That’s why the most successful TV shows, Websites, and music recordings are generally the ones … [ Read more ]

Harry S. Truman

I never did give anybody hell, I just told the truth, and they thought it was hell.

Dick Martin

Among a CEO’s most important responsibilities is to define workers’ common mission and set the course toward it. The CEO needs to become the company storyteller, the keeper of the sustaining myth that nourishes people on their journey together. But if the CEO is, for many employees, the personification of the company, it’s their immediate boss who people listen to for evidence of what really … [ Read more ]

Dick Martin

Effective PR counselors understand the business that they represent as well as do their peers in the executive suite, and they work with them to meet the needs of the company’s multiple stakeholders. They adopt a businessperson’s perspective, not a journalist’s. Good press is not an end in itself, and bad press is not to be avoided at any cost — certainly not at the … [ Read more ]


The quality of an organization is directly linked to the quality of conversations of the people in that organization.

Guy Kawasaki

If you experience great difficulty in raising money, it’s not because VCs are idiots and cannot comprehend your curve-jumping, paradigm shifting, revolutionary product. It’s because you either have a piece of crap or you are not effectively communicating what you have. Both of these are your fault. End of discussion.

Murray Weidenbaum

Euphemisms are widely employed by corporate executives. Thus, in standard financial reporting, companies “earn profits” – a phrase that conjures up the notion of positive achievement of their own doing. In contrast, firms “suffer losses.” That sounds like an unexpected blow inflicted by some sinister force in the external environment beyond corporate influence.

Michael Schrage

Turning complex issues and opportunities into effectively simple – as opposed to simplistic or easy – constructs is truly the managerial art form of this new millennium. Instead of seeking “best” or “optimal” solutions to managerial problems, organizations and the people who run them have to become more creative about how they manage clarity and simplicity. Spending an extra two or three weeks on making … [ Read more ]

Rob Waite

Most people do have great value that they can offer, however they are poor at communicating what that value is. Therefore, often it is not the person with the most innate talent that gets hired; it is the person who can best articulate, in a winning way, what their talent is that gets them the job offer.

Richard E. Mayer

It is worthwhile to distinguish between two possible goals in making a PowerPoint presentation-information presentation, in which the goal is to present information to the audience, and cognitive guidance, in which the goal is to guide the audience in their processing of the presented information. When your goal is information presentation, PowerPoint slides can be full of information that may be extremely hard to process … [ Read more ]

Neil Postman

Socrates says that writing forces us to follow an argument rather than to participate in it, and I think you see that all the time when the professor is giving a lecture. Students are writing their notes, trying to follow the argument, and abandon any hope of participating in it.

Peter M. Senge

Language is messy by nature, which is why we must be careful in how we use it. As leaders, after all, we have little else to work with. We typically don’t use hammers and saws, heavy equipment, or even computers to do our real work. The essence of leadership — what we do with 98 percent of our time — is communication. To master any … [ Read more ]

Daniel Webster

Effective communication does not consist in speech. Words and phrases may be marshaled in every way, but they cannot encompass it. It must consist in the speaker, in the subject, and in the occasion.

Frances Hesselbein

If we want people to listen, we must banish “but” from our vocabulary. How many times has someone told us how well we have performed — and we were feeling good about the feedback, listening carefully — then we have heard “but,” and the positive, energizing part of the feedback was lost in the “but” and what followed it. “But” is nobody’s friend — listener … [ Read more ]

Judy Jernudd (??)

Winning communicators don’t strive for perfection, they strive for connection.

Mark Scureman

Most people don’t listen with the intent to understand. They listen with the intent to reply. They filter everything through their own paradigm and experiences, so that what they hear may not be what you said.

Taina Savolainen

Communication is the key to leadership and I cannot stress how important it is in the leadership process. As previously mentioned, repetition is crucially important. Significant issues need to be stated repeatedly… I believe managers frequently forget to do this. They state things once and assume that the message is received and understood – but often it is not. To my mind, a good yardstick … [ Read more ]

David Hume (Scottish philosopher)

Truth springs from arguments amongst friends.

Antonio Machado (Spanish poet)

To engage in a dialogue first ask a question then listen.

William Jennings Bryant

Two people in a conversation amount to four people talking. The four are what one person says, what he really wanted to say, what his listener heard, and what he thought he heard.