T. Engdahl

When you find a fabulous person, hire him (or her)… then figure out where they fit later.

Is Your Workplace Healthy?

Authors of a new study claim vitality, integrity, tolerance, appreciation and latitude are the main elements to measure a healthy workplace. According to the researchers, trust and caring are the two most important aspects of a job. The pair also discovered that managers are the source of most of the problems. They interfere too much, punish or reward workers for results out of their control, … [ Read more ]

War For Talent II: Seven Ways to Win

McKinsey & Co. surveyed 6,900 senior executives and young managers from 56 companies to figure out the secret to winning the battle for great people. Here is an excerpt from the report on the seven “talent imperatives” that are essential for winning the war for talent. The seven:
1. Instill a talent mindset at all levels of the organization — beginning … [ Read more ]

Full House

Arte Nathan was VP of human resources for Mirage Resorts Inc. in 1998 when it launched Bellagio — a lavish resort even by the standards of a city famous for its excess. Everything about Bellagio was larger than life, from its 3,000 rooms to its stunning art collection of original masterpieces. Equally lavish was the challenge that confronted Nathan: Hire 9,600 workers in 24 weeks. … [ Read more ]

Learning in a time of chaos

E-business is reshaping what knowledge, skills and behaviours are needed within organisations.


This site for HR professionals features news, weekly columns, 8 HR communities that represent the main specialties within HR:
(1) Compensation and Benefits; (2) HR Information Systems; (3) HR Management; (4) Labor Relations; (5) Legal; (6) Organizational Development; (7) Staffing; and (8) Training & Development. Within each community,you’ll find options for taking action including finding articles, purchasing a book, contacting a consultant, connecting with a … [ Read more ]

Shirley Temple Black

Intentions often melt in the face of unexpected opportunity.

Repricing of Stock Options

As the stock markets have begun to pull back from their historically high levels, the boards of directors of corporations that have used stock options to attract and retain employees have found themselves under increasing pressure to modify or replace previously issued stock options that have gone “underwater.” (i.e. options whose exercise price is above the current market price of the corporation’s stock). To address … [ Read more ]

Recruiting Faux Pas

Setting up a foreign office? Leave those American hiring practices at home. So says this informative article focused on international human resources issues.

Taking a Balanced View

We would all rather praise than criticize because it’s emotionally easier. But providing constructive criticism is an essential skill for any manager who wishes to avoid a messy termination. Even when an employee is worthy of praise, a manager must maintain a balanced outlook and act accordingly.

VCs drop carry on staff

Article talks about how VCs are treating their admin staff members in wake of the talent crunch.

How to Inspire Creativity and Reward Good Employees (Like You and Me)

Let’s face it. Anyone reading this article thinks that information about how to reward highly-regarded employees applies to them. And we all have ideas about what these rewards should be (more money, bigger title, bigger office, etc.) But short of giving out stock options that will be worth $500 zillion in six months, how can managers provide meaningful incentives, and rewards, for star performers? Wharton … [ Read more ]

Making the Call When a Manager Needs to Leave

Katherine Hammer, CEO of ETI, reflects on her experiences terminating three once-valued and loyal managers, in the process identifying three major symptoms that alert her to problems.

Employee Stock Options: Their Use and Policy Implications

This .pdf report from the National Commission on Entrepreneurship, offers an overview of stock option theory and practice with some interesting statistics and analysis/commentary.