Professor Aswath Damodaran’s Data Page

For the last two decades, Aswath Damodaran has dedicated the first two weeks of each new year to a ritual. He obtains/collects/downloads data on all publicly traded companies listed globally, using a variety of data sources, and then analyzes and presents the data, aggregated at a number of different levels: by country, by region (US, Europe, Emerging Markets, Japan, Australia & Canada) and by industry. … [ Read more ]

Global Database: Economics and Finance, the Global Finance website, presents a free database of information on finance and economics – including such topics as M&A, macroeconomics, FDI flows, and income and taxation – with interactive maps and tools that help present the data in a user-friendly format.

Developed and designed by project coordinator Alessandro Magno and prepared by seasoned journalists Tina Aridas and Denise Bedell, each page presents facts, figures … [ Read more ]

Talking Village

In late 2010, a team of entrepreneurs put together Talking Village, a web site allowing managers to develop by collaborating with their peers, consultants, and professors. In addition to featuring a ton of resources managers can refer to, this site allows participants to ask questions and solicit community feedback, essentially crowdsourcing problem resolution and management education. Because web site members come from different companies, different … [ Read more ]

The CHAT Dataset

This note accompanies the Cross‐country Historical Adoption of Technology (CHAT) dataset. CHAT is an unbalanced panel dataset with information on the adoption of over 100 technologies in more than 150 countries since 1800. The data is available for download at [ Read more ]

The Small Business Management Knowledge Base

This reference guide is designed to serve as a comprehensive small business management manual. It contains numerous topics that cover most aspects of small business management. You will find here hundreds of guides, worksheets and tips that will give you solutions to almost every problem or situation you can possibly encounter in the course of operating your business.

The S&P 500 at Your Fingertips

Countless hours have been spent by stock market investors researching the historic performance of the S&P 500 stock market index but until now, they’ve had to slog through spreadsheets or go datamine other reams of data to be able to extract the data they’re after, and that’s before doing any number crunching! Now however, everything has changed because we here at Political Calculations are putting … [ Read more ]

100 Awesome Blogs for Your Business Education

Whether you’re in business school or are just learning the ropes by trial and error, getting a little extra help and insight into the business world can be a great help in your success. The web can be a great, inexpensive way to do that, allowing business professionals present and future to learn and get advice from those with experience and expertise in the field. … [ Read more ]


This tool allows you to search the world of blogs by keyword, brand or topic to see who’s blogging about it and what they’re saying. The interface encourages you to compare one keyword vs. two more related keywords (or brands, if you are doing competitive research).

What is best about Trendpedia is that it graphs a timeline for you that shows the action of that keyword … [ Read more ]

Squeezed Books

The idea behind Squeezed Books is to provide open access to business book summaries, and a collaborative environment where everyone can read summaries, write new ones, and talk about the books in question.

HighWire Press

A division of the Stanford University Libraries, HighWire Press hosts the largest repository of high impact, peer-reviewed content, with 1007 journals and 3,963,039 full text articles from over 130 scholarly publishers. HighWire-hosted publishers have collectively made 1,500,021 articles free.


FedStats is a gateway to statistics from over 100 U.S. Federal agencies. Economic Time Series Page

Economagic is meant to be a comprehensive site of free, easily available economic time series data useful for economic research, in particular economic forecasting. This site was started in 1996 to help students in an Applied Forecasting class. The idea was to give students easy access to large amounts of data, and to be able to quickly get charts of that data.

At this time, … [ Read more ] bills itself as the most comprehensive resource for industrial information, products, services, CAD drawings, and more. Search or browse by categories. is an international joint venture search engine. On the site you can search for business and joint venture partners ranging from in transaction size from US$250,000 to U$1 billion in Asia, America, Africa and Europe. You can also submit your partnering offer free of charge.

Country Analysis Briefs

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) offers free country briefs. Information is focused on energy statistics but also offers overviews on the country, its national economy, and environmental information.

The Technology Entrepreneur’s Guidebook

A business guide for entrepreneurs. Contents include:
– Entrepreneurship
– A Sensible Approach to Writing a Good Business Plan
– Raising Venture Capital
– Accounting Policies and Procedures for Early Stage Companies
– Legal Issues for Early Stage Entrepreneurs
– Managing Explosive Growth in Technology Companies
– Choosing an Exit Strategy

Editor’s Note: some info is basic, some is quite thorough; the accounting info … [ Read more ]

Everything International

Everything International (Ev-In) is intended as an electronic library of resources for faculty, students, and practitioners in the field of international business. Hyperlinks to public and private sources are listed with perceived usefulness being the only criteria used in selecting sites.

Market Research Glossary

A list of over 650 common and uncommon marketing research words and phrases.

This site offers useful resources for anyone involved in, or with any interest in the marketing research field. Includes:
– Market Research Roundtable
– Industry Events Calendar
– Research Company Directory
– Employment Board
– Research Software Archive
– Market Research Calculators
– Market Research Library
– Legislative Watch
– News & Stock
– Palm OS Software
– Web-Survey Tutorial

Alacra Wiki

Thanks to the increasing popularity of Wikipedia, wikis are taking off as information resources. What separates wikis from other Web sites is that they rely on users to both contribute and edit content. Now business data aggregator Alacra has joined the parade with a wiki that points to sources of business information across a wide range of topics and industries.

At the moment, most content has … [ Read more ]