Talking Village

In late 2010, a team of entrepreneurs put together Talking Village, a web site allowing managers to develop by collaborating with their peers, consultants, and professors. In addition to featuring a ton of resources managers can refer to, this site allows participants to ask questions and solicit community feedback, essentially crowdsourcing problem resolution and management education. Because web site members come from different companies, different countries, and different backgrounds, the range of answers is wide and is not limited to mental blocks of single organizations. Thus, a manager trying to figure out how to solve a tough problem may receive dozens of innovative ideas from people working in other industries.

Here’s another way to look at it: Talking Village allows you to crowd source management education and problem resolution and give your managers the knowledge they otherwise wouldn’t receive. You can do so at no cost, while keeping managers on the job. Because managers stay on their jobs while they use Talking Village, they are also able to better apply their new knowledge, making this learning effort far more effective than traditional management development methodologies.

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