Claude Hopkins’ “Scientific Advertising”

According to many students of Direct Marketing, Claude Hopkins was ahead of his time. Jumpstart your DM learning curve by reading “Scientific Advertising,” the classic tome penned by legendary ad man Claude Hopkins, who was born in 1866 and who worked for Lord & Thomas advertising agency, forerunner to today’s Foote, Cone & Belding. The book has been reproduced in its entirety at this site for free.

Hopkins was an incredibly successful copywriter and strategist whose six-figure salary (enormous for that time) was the result of careful adherence to principles, fundamentals and ROI. In his quest to improve ROI, he was the first to formalize many classic advertising testing methods such as ad tracking, double blind headline testing and more. Dig into all 21 chapters of “Scientific Advertising” for free right here; they are as fresh as the day they were written eighty years ago.

PS – Hopkins is also the author of the autobiographical “My Life in Advertising”, another “must-read” for DM students. [WDFM Annotation]

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