Douglas Rushkoff

We think of a medium as a thing that delivers content. But the delivered content is a medium in itself. The many forms of content we collect and experience online are really just forms of ammunition, an excuse to start a discussion with that attractive person in the next cubicle…

That’s why the most successful TV shows, Websites, and music recordings are generally the ones that offer the most valuable forms of social currency to their fans…

If you are creating online content, your success will be directly dependent on your ability to create excuses for people to talk to one another. The real measure of content’s quality is how well it serves as a medium.

The next big thing for the Internet and humanity alike, then, is the realization that our media has served as little more than excuse to interact with one another. Once we make that leap, we will most likely come to wonder what it’s all for. Why do we have this overwhelming urge to interact by any means (or medium) available?

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