Drafting a Patent Application (.pdf)

This article is for those who want to be actively involved in drafting patent applications on their inventions. Most inventors want to make sure they’re still a full partner on the team when a patent attorney takes over and starts writing the application. Some inventors go beyond that and want to write either or both of the following: (i) a “provisional” patent application, as discussed below; and/or, (ii) the first draft of a “utility” patent application.

Regardless of whether an inventor writes a complete first draft or hands that task over to a patent attorney, any inventor can benefit greatly if he/she knows what to expect from a patent attorney, how the information should be organized, what the specific goals are, and how to tell good work from not-so-good work. The goal of this article is to share that information with inventors, so they can work smoothly, quickly, and effectively with a patent attorney, regardless of how the roles of inventor and attorney are adjusted and balanced, once they begin working together.

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