Global Communications Since 1844: Geopolitics and Technology

Need an antidote to the gloom and doom surrounding the high-tech market? Read Peter J. Hugill’s Global Communications Since 1844 and share its long-term perspective with your team. Contrary to the popular view that wireless is a late 20th century phenomenon, Hugill points out that wireless is 100 years young this year (happy birthday), and that global digital communications have been around for 150 years. With this knowledge may come a sense of patience for the time industries take to build and develop.

Hugill, a professor at Texas A & M for 23 years, traces the history of communications from its birthplace in the United Kingdom, where British engineers led the world with the first network of global submarine cables and later introduced the first wireless. Hugill’s most detailed section covers radar, and here Tom Clancy fans will see how a real technothriller is written. The story of how a much weakened Britain, only days away from surrendering under bombing from Germany, leveraged television researchers, a bunch of radio hobbyists, and a few eccentric mathematicians to turn the tide and ended up dropping over a thousand times the tonnage of bombs on Germany (with American help) would seem like science fiction if Hugill didn’t document it so well. The stories of how Marconi, funded by whisky money, burst like a meteor onto the scene and scared the U.S. Navy into at least two attempts at creating a wireless technology champion, including RCA, are relevant even to the modern day.

A few hours with this intelligent, well-researched, one-of-a-kind volume will give you the historical farsight it takes to see beyond today’s telecom hype.

-Reviewed by Alex Lightman, CEO of Charmed Technology (Peter J. Hugill
Subjects: Industry Specific, Miscellaneous
Industry: Telecommunications

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