IEBM Handbook of Management Thinking (IEBMm Handbook Series)

The evolution of management theory and practice can best be seen in the context of key thinkers who have both recorded and encouraged change. Theories have influenced practice and practice has created its own theories. Focusing on the lives and writings of significant management thinkers reveals the interconnection of theory and practice as well as which factors have influenced the development of management internationally. The IEBM Handbook of Management Thinking brings together those who have helped shape modern business and management. This one volume edition profiles the international ‘management gurus’, theorists, researchers and practitioners, both historical and contemporary and evaluates their contribution to the field. Presented against the backdrop of the economic, technological and social changes of their times, this Handbook shows how each has changed ‘received wisdom’ in their respective fields, how they have made their mark historically and how their impact has influenced contemporary business behaviour and management thinking as a whole. Comprehensive and global in scope and content, this Handbook has been written by renowned international experts, including Jerald Hage, Charles Hampden-Turner, Bruce Kogut, Derek Pugh, Rosemary Stewart and Milan Zeleny, amongst many others. From Sun Tzu in ancient China right the way through to Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalad on Strategy, Taichi Ohno on Just-In-Time and the contribution of Michael Hammer on Re-engineering, The IEBM Handbook of Management Thinking comprehensively covers the people, concepts, terminology, methodology and practice that have shaped the modern management world.

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