How to Measure the Health of Your Community

Community is like the air around us, invisible and seemingly intangible. Yet it’s a fundamental part of any organization that brings together people in the pursuit of a common goal. Often a community’s “soft” characteristics, such as values and purpose, exert a stronger force on its members than formal governance.
Whether a community includes employees, alumni or people sharing the same passion, community managers need … [ Read more ]

The 30 Best Pieces of Advice for Entrepreneurs in 2015

The Review is now over two years old and home to dozens of stories that have resonated and made a difference. In 2015 alone, we added nearly 100 new articles, full of granular how-to’s for designers, product managers, marketers, recruiters, sales leaders, executives and many more. What follows is a list of the 30 most impactful, change-making pieces of advice drawn from everything we published … [ Read more ]

The 30 Best Pieces of Advice for Entrepreneurs in 2016

The Review reflects on the extraordinary people they’ve interviewed and long-form articles they’ve published over the last year.

How to Design (and Analyze) a Business Experiment

While there has been a rapid growth in experiments, especially within tech companies, we’ve seen too many run incorrectly. Even when they’re set up properly, avoidable mistakes often happen during implementation. As a result, many organizations fail to receive the real benefits of the scientific method. This article lays out seven steps to ensure that your experiment delivers.

Transforming the Business Portfolio: How Multinationals Reinvent Themselves

Recent research by BCG and Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg investigated the motivations and success factors for business portfolio restructurings. By analyzing the characteristics and patterns of the underlying transformation processes, we developed practical insights on issues relating to the magnitude, speed, and sequencing of restructurings.

Editor’s Note: I was really intrigued by this research.

Generate More Value From Your External Knowledge Sourcing

Are your scouts so busy looking outside for new knowledge they’re not understanding what your company really needs?

The Rules for Success

The world’s top minds in business explain their most important lessons. Includes: John Mackey, Evan Williams, Danny Meyer, Tony Hsieh, Phil Libin, Arianna Huffington, Teresa M. Amabile, Michael Mauboussin, Bob Metcalfe, Michael Useem, Roger L. Martin

The 5 Types Of Small Business Backstories

Every small business has a story waiting to be told—and that story can be your most powerful ally in demonstrating how your business is different from all others. One term I have often used to describe this is in terms of the backstory of an organization.

A backstory is the history behind an organization and how it became what it is today. It is not a … [ Read more ]

Is It the Real Thing?

Companies can craft strategies to effectively combat counterfeiting by using new technology, old-fashioned detective work, and a little psychology. The solution is to target both sellers and buyers of counterfeit goods with a strategy that mixes offensive and defensive measures: defend, detect, doubt, and discourage.

Best Business Books 2009

The annual review from strategy+business: Clive Crook on The Meltdown, Charles Handy on Leadership, Phil Rosenzweig on Strategy, Ayesha Khanna and Parag Khanna on Globalization, Judith F. Samuelson on Management, Catharine P. Taylor on Marketing, Steven Levy on Technology, and James O’Toole on Biography.

Keep Me Honest

Here’s a list of ways you can help so-called business gurus see their bullshit. You can help them recognize when they’ve gone too far and have drunk their own Kool-Aid.

100 Awesome Business Blogs that are Better than an MBA

Going through school to get an MBA can take a few years away from your life and work. These days you don’t always have time to take a few years and be a student. You’ve got bills to pay! This list of 100 business blogs can bring you up to speed in the briefcase world so you can take a detour around the MBA education … [ Read more ]

The Winner’s Curse and Optimal Auction Bidding Strategies

Auctions are popular mechanisms for the exchange of goods and services in the marketplace. Common examples of items offered at auctions include real estate, mineral rights, construction contracts, agricultural products, United States Treasury bills, and government procurement contracts. Auctions are now even more commonplace in our personal lives, where online auction sites have made it possible for individuals to bid for and sell items en … [ Read more ]

Why Money Messes with Your Mind

Our relationship with money has many facets. Some people seem addicted to accumulating it, while others can’t help maxing out their credit cards and find it impossible to save for a rainy day. As we come to understand more about money’s effect on us, it is emerging that some people’s brains can react to it as they would to a drug, while to others it … [ Read more ]

From Theory to Practice

May you have the good luck to realize its importance to success.

In praise of failure

Of course, failure isn’t an experience to be deliberately sought, and cushioning ourselves against its harshest blows makes perfect sense. But failure isn’t something to be despised or ashamed of, either. That’s not a message we hear a lot about these days. Yet some of history’s most impressive successes started out as big, fat failures. The stories of the world’s most successful failures suggest … [ Read more ]

Better Than Free

There are a number of qualities that can’t be copied. consider “trust.” Trust cannot be copied. you can’t purchase it. Trust must be earned, over time. It cannot be downloaded. or faked. or counterfeited (at least for long). If everything else is equal, you’ll always prefer to deal with someone you can trust. so trust is an intangible that has increasing value in a copy-saturated … [ Read more ]

Rotman Magazine – Fall 2003

The Fall 2003 issue of Rotman magazine contains 68 pages of varying quality articles and other information. I personally recommend reading the following:
– Brand U: Why Branding Yourself makes Sense
– Knowing vs. Doing: Why Can’t We Get Anything Done? by Jeffrey Pfeffer
– The Race for Effectiveness: Is it Effective? by Hilary Austen
– Working With Emotional Intelligence by Stéphane Côté
– Making Your Mind … [ Read more ]

Rotman Magazine – Winter 2005

The Winter 2005 issue of Rotman magazine contains 100 pages of varying quality articles and other information. I personally recommend reading the following:
– Validity vs. Reliability: Implications for Management by Roger Martin
– The Evolution of the Design-Inspired Enterprise by Gabriella Lojacono and Gianfranco Zaccai
– Promoting Experimentation for Organizational Learning: The Mixed Effects of Inconsistency by Amy Edmondson
– Beyond Products: Designing the Brand Experience by … [ Read more ]

The Author’s Dilemma – Why Most Business Books Suck

This article by an anonymous writer using the byline “Uncle Saul” lists the vast number business books failings, specifically from the point of view of entrepreneurs.

Editor’s Note: Entrepreneur or not, this is an interesting, and sadly true, read.