The Distance

Basecamp spent three years telling the stories of people who run businesses that endured 25 years or more. Have a listen — they’re an inspiration for anyone looking to build a business that goes the distance.


Corporate data about people’s roles and functions within different organizations is becoming increasingly public. All you need to do is search on LinkedIn to get a person’s entire work history or Jigsaw to find their direct contact information. Now you can add TheOfficialBoard, a contact database which goes one step further. It shows the organization charts for 20,000 of the largest companies, so you can … [ Read more ]

A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

Part of the site, which focuses on the ability to evaluate, apply, or create conceptual visual representations. After this tutorial, students should be able to evaluate advantages and disadvantages of visual representations. Here you’ll find a catalog of useful methods of displaying information. Just mouse over a method for an example. The map is color coded to cover the following categories:
– Data … [ Read more ]


Each year, TED hosts some of the world’s most fascinating people: Trusted voices and convention-breaking mavericks, icons and geniuses. Now, you can view many of these talks online.

Business Rules of Thumb

Ben Casnocha has created a public wiki designed to track useful rules of thumb in business.

Editor’s Note: I haven’t spent much time on the site, but it appears to be more a collection of interesting quotes than actual rules of thumb – not necessarily a bad thing but… is an international joint venture search engine. On the site you can search for business and joint venture partners ranging from in transaction size from US$250,000 to U$1 billion in Asia, America, Africa and Europe. You can also submit your partnering offer free of charge. features completely free access to over 1200 articles and resources on solving problems with difficult managers.

Authentic Happiness Questionnaires

“These questionnaires measure character strengths and aspects of happiness. All are yours to use at no charge. For each one, you’ll immediately receive your score and see how it compares to the scores of others who have used this website.

We’ll keep a record of your scores, so that you can return later and see how far you’ve progressed. To see your earlier scores, log in … [ Read more ]

Cornell Guide to Collective Bargaining

This guide was compiled to assist students with the “mock bargaining” exercises required for collective bargaining courses taught in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell. The information sources listed, many of which are available via the Internet, will be of use to anyone who is involved with negotiating a union contract.

Topics include:
– Comprehensive Sources
– Collective Bargaining Agreements … [ Read more ]

It ain’t pretty, but then neither are some of the revelations in this interesting site. Simple and straightforward in design, pulls together a whole bunch of recent public opinion surveys and divides them into easy-to-find categories. These polls are all from reliable sources: The Gallup Organization, the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, media organizations such as The Wall Street Journal, … [ Read more ]

Fraud Prevention Check-Up

The Fraud Prevention Check-Up is a simple but powerful test of your company’s fraud health. How vulnerable are you to fraud? Do you have adequate controls in place to prevent it in your organization? To find out, simply download the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ Fraud Prevention Check-Up from this site.


Looking for potential link targets should be fun, and this is one of those sites that really is a pleasure to stumble upon. It’s a useful place to find recommended sites in over 500 categories, and it’s also a great place to promote your own website and generate links.

StumbleUpon is a browser add-on that automates the process of word-of-mouth website recommendations with the StumbleUpon community. … [ Read more ]

This site provides a brief introduction to the overlap diagrams named for British logician John Venn, information about when to use Venn diagrams, a tool for creating Venn diagrams online and a database of diagrams that have been contributed by various users. From Coachville, a group of business and life coaches.

Voice of America Pronunciation Guide

Here is a handy little tip sheet for the global executive-a pronunciation guide of the names of many world figures (MILOSEVIC, SLOBODAN, pronounced slow-BO-dahn mee-LOW-sheh-vih-ch ); organizations (AL QAIDA, pronounced al K-EYE-(eh)-duh); and other words of interest (AL-TUWAITHA, an Iraq nuclear facility, pronounced al-too-WAY-thah). Each entry comes with an audio file so that you can hear the correct pronunciation. We especially like the “Notes” under … [ Read more ]

Associations Gateway

You are only as good as your network, and this searchable database with links to more than 6,500 associations will help you find the places where you should be and the associations you should know in order to make new contacts and drum up new business. What’s nice about this database is that you can search it by keyword (in addition to city, state and … [ Read more ]

The fields of recruitment, coaching and training are hurting a bit right now, so a creative approach to marketing is essential. Here’s one for you — if you’ve ever wanted to give a boss, co-worker or client a clue as to just how ineffective, unprofessional or difficult he or she is, you will enjoy the anonymous “Improve My Boss” assessment. Simply enter the victim’s email … [ Read more ]

The Webby Awards

“The Webby Awards is a year-round effort measuring the best of the Web both in quality and in quantity.

From our vantage-point – evaluating thousands of sites, their ratings from the judges, and our close proximity to creative and technical expertise on a daily basis – we are able identify trends in the industry as well as highlights in Web site development on an ongoing basis … [ Read more ]

Harvard Business School MBA 2002 Portrait Project

“Sometimes easy questions aren’t so easy to answer. I asked classmates a question, which came from the last line of a poem by Pulitzer-Prize winning writer, Mary Oliver. Nearly 100 responded with inspiring words that show the diversity of the Class of 2002. The question was simple, and I only requested 200 words. But, some of us took almost a year to reply. So, why … [ Read more ], aka “Tell Someone Who Cares,” offers an open platform to share your customer service experiences with the world. To make a comment, simply register (for free) and answer a few questions. A few days later you will be asked to answer a few more questions to see if your perception of the company has changed as a result of how it handled (or did … [ Read more ]