Soldier of Fortune 500: A Management Survival Guide for the Consulting Wars

A must read for any consultant or more importantly any one who works with or hires consultants. Perhaps most importantly from a financial perspective, Romaine lays out a new conflict within the nexus of contracts: the shareholder vs. the consultant. While not necessarily against each other, the consultant has a much shorter time frame and hence differing incentives and we know that incentive matter so this is worthy of future academic research. For instance, a part of book deals with conflicts between Andersen (yes that Andersen) and employees at the firm. While written about Nations Bank (Bank of America), it would be interesting to see if the same thing happened at Enron etc.) (As a final point if the size of the book intimidates you, get the book for the bulleted chapter summaries, you will more than get your money’s worth just form them!) [ Annotation]

Editor’s Note: the book has a website – Book’s website: Steve Romaine
Subjects: Industry Specific, Miscellaneous
Industry: Consulting

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