Improve Marketing Performance: How to Choose the Metrics That Matter

Marketing metrics should tie in some way to marketing’s ability to acquire, keep and grow the value of customers. Here are a few useful questions to ask about your metrics and some parameters for choosing them.

Three Steps to Take the Mystery Out of Measuring Marketing

As the CEO, here are three questions your Marketing team should be able to answer to help ensure you receive the right metrics:
– How is Marketing impacting and contributing to the business
– What is and isn’t working
– Does the data enable course adjustments?

Common Sense That Isn’t Always So Common (A Lesson from “The Cult of the Customer”)

For years I’ve been preaching that a lot of customer service is common sense that, unfortunately, isn’t so common. It is the great companies that consistently deliver an experience that meets, if not exceeds, expectations. And, much of this experience is common sense.

Plugging the Data Dike

Identity thieves are going further than ever before to steal valuable consumer, customer and business sensitive information to make a buck. As devastating as it is for individuals to deal with identity theft, it is extremely costly for businesses attacked by identity thieves or those unwillingly exposed to risk because of employee errors and poor data privacy and security policies. Here is a brief data … [ Read more ]

Twelve Steps to CRM

Relationship management is not a “system.” It’s a process and a philosophy. At this point in the adoption cycle of practices and technologies, it’s old hat. Yet few organizations really do it well, and many don’t do it at all. These 12 steps should suggest a path to implementing relationship management and reaping the financial benefits.

Two Crucial but Often Overlooked Rules for Creating an Inspirational Vision Statement

It is practically a given that a company should have a formal vision statement. Like any leadership tool, it is only effective if it is done right. Research over the past three decades has consistently demonstrated that a vision statement can improve organizational performance as well as individual follower performance, but only if the vision contains certain characteristics.

John Cowan

I like people who are alive. People who are alive are hard to control. They have ideas, aspirations, and feelings, including anger. Nice people have the bad habit of letting me down. Nice people don’t offer me anything I have not thought of before. Nice people don’t save me from my mistakes. Nice people end up acting on feelings they have always had but never … [ Read more ]

John Wooden

Few things provide greater satisfaction or joy than to learn that another feels that something you have said or done has been of help to them. This is especially true when it occurred with no thought of something in return.

Michael Wolkensperg

The simplest, and perhaps the best, career advice I have ever given is: worry about what your boss worries about.

In other words, align your priorities with your boss’ priorities. If you can apply your energies and creatively contribute to reducing what your boss stresses about, you can’t help but be considered as someone with a future in the organization.

Philip Yaffe

Continually ask yourself: ‘Why the hell should anyone want to read what I am writing?’ If you can’t give at least three good reasons, stop writing and start thinking. Otherwise, you will be wasting everyone’s time – principally your own.

Phil Dourado

Fear constrains behavior. Love liberates it. So, if all you need is compliance, fear will probably do. But fear freezes initiative, stifles creativity, and provides no incentive to stretch and grow. Love is about wanting and allowing people to be at their best, and engaging with them to help them achieve that.

Jim Clemmer

True and lasting security comes from constant growth and development. We can’t manage change, but we can be change opportunists. The higher our rate of personal growth and development, the more likely we are to master the opportunities change unexpectedly throws in front of us. To master change and build a life of ever-deeper growth, we need to make learning a way of life rather … [ Read more ]

The Six Hats of Creative Communication

This article discusses and demonstrates the use of De Bono’s Six Hats Method as a powerful and creative approach for communication. Design your communication efforts (speeches, meetings, dialogs, posters, ads, etc.) according to this model and get your message through in an original yet clear and effective way.

Getting a New Leader on Board the Right Way

Taking the time upfront to establish rapport and understanding on both sides can help maintain team effectiveness and remedy potential conflicts before misunderstandings ensue.

Jeff Thull

The more complex the situation becomes, the more customers and salespeople alike try to simplify things. To the customer, the simplest differentiator is price, and in the absence of a quality decision process to help them understand the value of your products and services, they will tend to focus on it and use it as the criterion when making their decision. Your customers should be … [ Read more ]

Jeff Thull

Accepting that 20% of your salespeople bring in 80% of your revenue is like accepting that 80% of your manufacturing machines are, on the average, producing one-fourth of your most productive machines. That output level would never be acceptable; it would be absurd.

Building a uniform selling system is required to define the quantity and quality of activities for individuals to produce at top performing levels. … [ Read more ]

Business Persuasion: Four Keys to Influencing Groups

Persuasion isn’t a one-shot deal, it’s a multi-step process. The more attention you pay to each step, the more likely you are to reach your desired outcome.

CABs and TABs: Market Research Vehicles Ideal for Every CEO

The competitive environment makes market and customer intelligence extremely critical for any company. Yet many small to medium sized companies cannot afford to regularly conduct primary market research, and while secondary research can be helpful it isn’t always on the topics the C-Suite are grappling with. What can a CEO or a company’s leadership team do to affordably keep a pulse on the market and … [ Read more ]

How Top Leaders Create Accountability

Here is a seven-step formula you can use to create accountability and achieve extraordinary results in any organization.