Spotlight on Don Beck

“Rather than a single solution to be imposed everywhere, [spiral dynamics] is a modern evolutionary process whereby different concepts of leadership influence emerge. What this produces is a synthesis of all the different approaches to leadership, management, organization design, motivation and communication. None of them is rejected; rather they are aligned on a ‘scaffolding’ or ‘library shelf’. We use the metaphor of a spiral, an evolutionary dynamic. Our approach is different because we do not claim to have developed the next leadership or management concept and insist that people should forget everything else they’ve ever learned. Rather we take the opposite approach and say: ‘remember everything you’ve already learned but now judge when to do what’. This concept signals a new, fresh approach in that it doesn’t reject or compete with anything else. What it does is illustrate what kind of leadership style to use with what kind of people and where. Construction of this kind of synthesis makes possible what we call a ‘natural design’… The goal is to move away from a one-size-fits-all model towards knowing how to achieve that natural design.”

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