The Competitive e-Vantage

“There are three major buckets into which CEOs can dump their IT resources. The first bucket is external initiatives, which cover creating programs for, or integrating with, trading partners. Next are internal initiatives, which involve creating programs for internal resources or integrating disparate internal systems. The third bucket is reengineering the organization by realigning skill sets and processes that better position you to do business in the digital age.

Many traditional IT projects fail to meet their objectives because of adversity to change. Multiply that adversity many times over for an externally focused Internet initiative where compliance or use can’t simply be dictated. Most organizations dramatically underestimate the need to minimize change for the customers and do not provide tools or resources to help them overcome the change that is necessary. Change is so critical to success that a standard equation for determining the rate of adoption is Value – Change = Adoption. The human reluctance to change often means that people simply won’t use your programs. In some cases, we have seen situations where that resistance becomes active in the form of sabotaging efforts through words and deeds. Fostering change within your customer base requires a mighty big carrot and no stick.”

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