Why You Should Apply Analytics to Your People Strategy

Bringing advanced computing power and analytics capabilities to bear on people decisions in an organization is crucial to driving lasting and effective change.

Bryan Hancock, Bill Schaninger

We found through our research […] what drives perceived fairness in the performance-management process. One of the drivers of fairness is that you understand how what you’re working on fits in the bigger picture. […] The second driver of fairness is that there’s an ongoing component. “My manager has an ongoing conversation with me about how I’m doing, so I’m not surprised. I know what … [ Read more ]

The Fairness Factor in Performance Management

Many systems are under stress because employees harbor doubts that the core elements are equitable. A few practical steps can change that.

The Four Building Blocks of Change

Four key actions influence employee mind-sets and behavior. Here’s why they matter.

Leadership in Context

McKinsey’s leadership staircase is a pyramid of behavior analogous to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. In this hierarchy, like similar ones, some kinds of behavior are always essential. As organizational health improves, quartile to quartile, additional behaviors become apparent. More tellingly, some appear to be differentiators: emphasizing them in different situations can lift the organizational health of a fourth-quartile company to the third quartile, a third-quartile … [ Read more ]

The Science of Organizational Transformations

New survey results find that the most effective transformation initiatives draw upon four key actions to change mind-sets and behaviors.

The Hidden Value of Organizational Health—and How to Capture It

New research suggests that the performance payoff from organizational health is unexpectedly large and that companies have four distinct “recipes” for achieving it.

Anatomy of a Healthy Corporation

Executives understand that it’s important to monitor and improve the long-term health of their companies, but rarely do. Here’s how they can practice what they preach.

Managing Your Organization by the Evidence

An organization is much more likely to improve its current performance and underlying health by using a combination of complementary practices rather than any one of them alone, according to new McKinsey research.