Benchmarking for Best Practices: Winning Through Innovative Adaptation

Here is a blueprint for innovation and breakthrough performance improvements. This complete benchmarking toolkit provides a thorough roll-up-your-sleeves guide to identifying and adapting the best business practices, operating tactics, and winning strategies that will drive for continuous quality, productivity, cycle time, and cost improvement within your organization. Written by experts with years of successful benchmarking practice, this book addresses all aspects of best practice benchmarking in practical detail. It demonstrates how the process works best – with lively and revealing examples from AT&T, Federal Express, Johnson & Johnson, Xerox, General Electric, Microsoft, and other innovative companies. From the front line to the boardroom, it will help you incorporate best practice strategies that produce meaningful, measurable, and profitable performace improvements. The authors show you how to sell benchmarking to even the most skeptical senior executives or turf-conscious factory and line managers; design a benchmarking approach that virtually assures implementation success; integrate benchmarking to supercharge other key initiatives, including strategic planning, business process reengineering, time-based competition, and change management; manage best practice knowledge throughout your company; build a fast-learning organization using benchmarking; spur innovation through the creative adaptation of proven practices; and apply benchmarking in the public sector. Benchmarking for Best Practices is packed with dozens of information-rich evaluation charts… insightful graphs… self-administered executive exercises (be sure to borrow Steal This Idea!)… key do’s and don’ts… and even a special section on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and benchmarking.

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