Frances Hesselbein

Leader to Leader transitioned to the Hesselbein Institute and older articles are no longer available. If you click through you will be taken to the Internet Archive site to find an archived copy.

Peter Drucker admonishes us to “Focus, focus, focus” (he never says it once). “Focus, focus, focus” drives us to pay attention to those few things, those critical initiatives, that determine relevance, viability, and success in the future–and this reverberating phrase walks around with many of us. Yet it does not negate the imperative of seeing the organization whole. Indeed, we can see the significant priorities clearly only when we see the organization complete and intact, embedded in the world at large. Only by seeing things whole can we understand and articulate to others why we focus on our few significant priorities. And only by seeing things in their entirety can we recognize when continued relevance and viability demand that we change our priorities.

When we see the organization whole and when our goals, objectives, and actions describe in a powerfully inclusive, embracing way the future we will bring alive, then all within the walls as well as those we serve beyond the walls and those future customers we will find, listen to, and serve will partner with us in our journey. All of this integrated wholeness–everything building upon everything else, flowing to and from in a circular movement–becomes a remarkable strategy for ensuring organizational relevance far into the future.

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