It Really is As Simple As ABC: What Leaders Can Learn from Masterful Orators of the Past

Millions of meetings and presentations occur daily. Each of these presentations is meant to drive ‘someone’ to do ‘something.’ And what do the vast majority of these presentations have in common? Unfortunately, they usually fail to get anyone to do anything.

There are so many noble causes led by charismatic, effective leaders, yet it is still difficult for many of these leaders to establish a clear message that resonates and connects with their audience, not due to the content or nobility of cause, but because we are all subject to information overload. But, masterful orators have succeeded in every generation, and one factor that has not changed over time is the ability of a master orator to captivate and move audiences, to attain levels of success that many thought were unachievable at the time. And each of them mastered the ABC’s of communication.

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