Creating Online Ads We Want to Watch

The mere fact that an online video advertisement reaches a viewer’s computer screen does not guarantee that the ad actually reaches the viewer. New experimental research by Thales S. Teixeira looks at how advertisers can effectively capture and keep viewers’ attention by evoking certain emotional responses.

The 12 Kinds of Ads

Slate offers an overview of 12 kinds of advertisements with accompanying video illustrations.

Sixteen Proven Techniques for Better B2B Sales Leads Generation with Print Advertising

Is one of the goals of your business-to-business advertising sales leads generation for your salespeople, representatives, distributors or resellers? Consider these proven B2B sales leads generation techniques gleaned from working with over 170 companies and some of the best marketers in the business.


The celebrity endorsement, driven more by gut feel than hard data, remains a bit of a black box for ROI-focused marketers.

Debunking the Myth of the Older Consumer

Advertisers pay a premium to reach Generation Xers. The question is why…

Editor’s Note: this article is part of an entire STERNBusiness issue, written back in 1999 – you can find this article on page 22; the other articles are all focused on the entertainment industry which may be of interest to you but the articles themselves are of little learning value…

Ad Placement: You’re Getting Warmer

Advertisement drives the revenue of the Internet industry. Learning about the science associated with successful ad campaigns can only benefit you and your site. With this in mind, an eyetracking study performed by Eyetrack III attempted to determine which sections of a webpage the human eyes focus. Eyetrack accomplished this by creating mock pages containing text and advertisements. Test subjects then reviewed the documents while … [ Read more ]

Accounting For Tastes: A Simple Theory of Advertising As A Good Or Bad

“Economists, traditionally, have had a very uneasy relationship with advertising,” says University of Chicago professor Gary Becker. “Consumer preferences were thought to be either too stable or too easily manipulated.” But in his latest book, “Accounting For Tastes,” Becker employs the tools of modern economic analysis to confront the problem of preferences and values — how they are formed and how they affect our behavior. … [ Read more ]

Corporate Logos for Sale: How to capture the real value from sponsorship marketing

Companies have long tied their corporate logos to well-known sports teams and celebrities as a way to increase brand recognition and target a well-defined customer segment. But for many companies, the choice of a sponsorship property-whether it is the NFL, World Cup soccer or a brooding rock star-is often based on the CEO’s favorite past time or as a means of gaining access to high-profile … [ Read more ]

Banner Ads Click with Consumers: Online Advertising for Customer Retention

Banner advertising helps companies retain customers by bringing them back to a company’s Web site faster and encouraging them to spend more.

That Ad is So Entertaining…But Can It Sell? Who Knows

An entertaining commercial on a prime-time television show might be a good way to build a brand’s image, but a straightforward spot with a prominent toll-free phone number is the best way for a company to move inventory fast, according to Ron Bliwas, chief executive of ad agency A. Eicoff & Co., who spoke last month at Wharton. Bliwas discussed both successful and unsuccessful commercials, … [ Read more ]

Better Methods

Suppose you could really figure out why advertising works.

Editor’s Note: discusses the Taguchi Method, something those with engineering and/or manufacturing backgrounds may have heard of.

Beyond Price/Position: The SEM Strategy Loop

Chances are, you’ve implemented a search engine marketing (SEM) campaign strategy. That often means a position/price-based strategy on Overture and a price-based strategy on Google (perhaps a copy strategy, to keep CTR high). You concentrate on position and price to drive visibility and traffic. Though visibility and click volume are good, the strategy has flaws. Big flaws.

Price/position strategies ignore results and are static. Inefficiencies … [ Read more ]

Living Up and Down the Dial

More companies are pumping up the volume of their radio advertising. Here are 10 tips for making the most of your airtime.

Jupiter Media Metrix’s Rudy Grahn on Direct Response Versus Branding

Is the Internet a direct response medium or a branding/awareness medium?
This question, which not too far back into the past was used as a means of somewhat eruditely suggesting that, perhaps, there is more to Internet Advertising than clicks and immediate conversions, has now become part of a wider phenomenon of over-generalizing that has hindered progress in the Internet Advertising space over the last … [ Read more ]

AdRelevance State of Online Advertising Report (.pdf)

This very in-depth study, which includes information through Q4 2002, covers everything a marketer needs to know, from the continuing development of advertising technology (animated gifs, ubiquitous pop-ups and embedded advertising methodology) to the statistical analysis of media purchasing trends, and much more. Of special interest is the overall conclusion that online advertising is increasingly direct marketing (as opposed to branding) focused.

In addition, the report … [ Read more ]

Claude Hopkins’ “Scientific Advertising”

According to many students of Direct Marketing, Claude Hopkins was ahead of his time. Jumpstart your DM learning curve by reading “Scientific Advertising,” the classic tome penned by legendary ad man Claude Hopkins, who was born in 1866 and who worked for Lord & Thomas advertising agency, forerunner to today’s Foote, Cone & Belding. The book has been reproduced in its entirety at this site … [ Read more ]

The Darwinian World Of The Infomercial

In this interactive feature, looks at the world of direct-response TV ads. The question: Are they a good deal for advertisers? Ask Johnny Carson. His Carson Productions has sold some 2.5 million copies of its best of The Tonight Show videos, a number the author notes, “is comparable to the DVD/video sales for a hit Hollywood movie.” Nearly two-thirds of all Americans report seeing … [ Read more ]

Truth Is, Marketing Is Facing a Crisis

ICONOCAST takes a look at the problems facing marketers brought about by the new interactive online advertising options and dwindling response rates in all media.

Internet Advertising: Think Small, Grow Big

Article compares the growth of Internet advertising to its new-media predecessor, cable TV.

When Enough Is Enough: The Repetition Impact in Advertising

Marketers repeat their message because up to a certain point, repeated exposures to the message can lead to favorable impressions of the brand. Professor Prashant Malaviya examines the amount and type of ad repetition that would lead to a desired impact level.