Lotte Bailyn: The Thought Leader Interview

Our society is still compartmentalizing “work” and “life,” looking for a way to even the scales, when we should be rethinking the perspective that values time as the ultimate capital. In systems based on such a mind-set, success comes to those who seem to be working the hardest, because they are always accessible. People cling to an outmoded view that work should be done by specific people at specific times, as determined by managers and company leaders.

For much of the last half century, Bailyn has argued for a different approach. Work is completed most effectively, she says, when people are empowered to come together and figure out how to manage that work collectively, taking into account both the organization’s needs and one another’s needs outside the office. “The goal is to break the mold of traditional assumptions; the hope is that the needs of organizations and employees can be brought into constructive harmony.”

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