Personal Brand Planning for Life

Personal Brand Planning for Life is not a typical book on branding. It takes you well beyond the definition of branding and marketing yourself. This book will walk you through the process of accessing your own aptitude to understand what your strengths and desires really are. It shows you how to take this understanding and develop a brand from it. Many books on branding stop here. Personal Brand Planning for Life digs much deeper by showing you how to package your brand into small manageable pieces that become your product. It goes on further to provide you the tools to create the web presence to communicate your brand and value to your specific audience through an easy-to-follow marketing strategy.

The big differentiator for this book is that it’s developed by a 20 year professor of entrepreneurship who shows you how to monetize your brand and turn it into an income flow. If you’re a branding beginner or even a seasoned pro, this book has plenty to offer. This book is your instruction manual on how to build a brand, manage it, market it and turn it into a stream of income. Donnelly stays true to his own brand, “The Career Planning Doctor,” by diagnosing today’s biggest career challenges and prescribing a remedy you can take all the way to the bank.

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