The Tactical Guide to Making Better Decisions When Starting and Scaling Companies

For the past couple of years, Annie Duke has been sharing her advice with founders and angel investors in closed sessions for the First Round community, but given our focus on open-sourcing so others in the tech ecosystem can learn, we thought readers of The Review would be curious to see a few pages from her decision-making playbook, tailored specifically for the startup context.

In this exclusive interview, Duke offers a behind-the-scenes peek at her consulting work, sharing the very advice and frameworks that she walks founders in the First Round community through. We start by outlining the fundamental lessons that will sharpen a founder’s personal skills, as well as the company-wide decision hygiene that will steel a startup for scale. Duke gets incredibly tactical, offering decision-making pointers for everything from hiring and firing, to the “bet the company” decisions and the painful choice to wind things down.

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