1001 Ways to Reward Employees

This booklet should be required reading for managers. The author presents a compelling case for recognition and positive reinforcement in management practice. And for some old-time micro-managers, he shows that employee coercion is no longer an option. This book examines ways, means and methods used by corporations to recognize employees. It also discusses a common failing; “…it is a rare manager who systematically makes the effort simply to thank employees for a job well done, let alone to do something more innovative to recognize accomplishments.” Author Bob Nelson, presents case histories, strategies and innovative ideas used by corporations to reward employees. He discusses these case histories and strategies from three perspectives: informal rewards, rewards for specific achievements and activities, and formal rewards. The informal awards are no cost or low cost rewards such as public recognition, time off or merchandise awards. The rewards for specific achievement include outstanding employee awards, sales goals or customer service awards. Formal awards may include field trips, social events, self-development or advancement. The author also has compiled a plethora of information to help you reward employee initiative and behavior.

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