Derek Lidow

If you are self-aware, you know yourself and have a good sense of how others see and react to you. This is the emotional intelligence that Daniel Goleman has written about. You never stop being you, but you have to know how to be the version of you that is right for the business and the people in it. I think parenting is a good analogy: In a child’s early years, you provide a lot of protection, nurturing, and direction. As a child gets older, you expose her to more of the world. You let her learn from her mistakes and discover things about herself. You still provide discipline and guidance, but the goal is to have your child develop self-confidence and independence. Eventually, your child grows into an adult. She doesn’t need you in order to survive. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you or want you around. It simply means she is self-sufficient. As an entrepreneur, you have the same goals for your business as it matures.

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