Our 6 Must Reads for Honing Focus and Managing Your Time

While plans are projected in months, we know the true progress happens by the week, day and hour — where all the distraction traps are laid and it’s easier to lose your way. It’s on those time horizons where competing priorities clamor for our limited time, and finding focus becomes all the more vital, despite the stumbling blocks that stand in our way. When we could tackle a myriad of tasks at any given moment, what do we put first? How do we tune out the noise, when most of us carry a small vortex of distraction in our pockets? And it’s not just about what we can accomplish on the job. Distracted, unproductive time also cuts into the valuable space in your calendar that could be reclaimed for making connections that count, nourishing your curiosity or investing in self-care.

Over the years, the Review team has gathered best practices from busy CEOs, executive coaches and seasoned leaders on combating this very issue. As we pored through their advice, a reassuring theme emerged: Less is more. True productivity means scheduling less, saying no more often, and resisting distraction where you can. In other words, the most productive people aren’t the ones who are juggling the most commitments. They’re the ones operating most intentionally.

The six strategies that follow show you how to regain your time and focus, at any scale. We start small, with tips on recognizing distraction triggers and taming your inbox. Then, we share more tools for tackling larger challenges, triaging tasks and resetting motivation.

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