Peter F. Drucker on a Functioning Society

Leader to Leader transitioned to the Hesselbein Institute and older articles are no longer available. If you click through you will be taken to the Internet Archive site to find an archived copy.

Peter F. Drucker is best known for his work on management. The White House press release of June 21, 2002, announcing that Drucker would be a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom cites Drucker as “the world’s foremost pioneer of management theory.” Indeed he is. Yet all this seminal work on management came about as Drucker pursued his main interest in a larger and even more consequential topic.

This article seeks to apply a systems perspective to the works of Peter F. Drucker, organizing his writings into a coherent whole, to help you navigate the enormous body of knowledge that this remarkable man has created during the past 65 years. This is no small challenge and my approach is only a beginning.

My goal is an understanding of how the parts of Drucker’s writings relate to one another, rather than a description of the individual parts. However, to understand how the parts interact with one another, one must have at least some understanding of the parts themselves–that is, the major writings of Peter Drucker.

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