Scott Belsky

Whether you’re building a product, creating art, or writing a book, you need to remember that your customers or patrons make sweeping judgments in their first experience interacting with your creation – especially in the first thirty seconds. I call this the “first mile,” and it is the most critical yet underserved part of a product. […] In a world of moving fast and pushing out a minimum viable product, the first mile of a user’s experience is almost always an afterthought. For physical products, that could be the packaging, the wording of the instructions, and the labels that help orientate a new customer. For digital products, it could be the onboarding process, the explanatory copy, and the default settings of your product. When we spend so much time focusing on making what’s behind a locked door so brilliant, we sometimes forget to give the user the key. […] The first mile requires continuous scrutiny after launch. Just because you’re accommodating fresh users well now doesn’t mean the same approach will work in the future as you attract wider and different audiences.

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