The Top 5 KPIs Marketers Need to Measure (And How to Measure and Improve Them)

Imagine you had a crystal ball that could predict the future. The view is murky, but there’s enough to make an accurate forecast.
Having a marketing dashboard that measures vital KPIs is a bit like that crystal ball: It gives you enough insight to make better decisions to create a positive future by helping you generate traffic and leads and prove the ROI of your marketing … [ Read more ]

Four Types of Email Addresses Damaging Your Deliverability, and What You Can Do About Them

Email is a great medium for connecting with leads and customers. But when your list becomes bloated with bad addresses and inactive subscribers, it’s time to clean house. So let’s look at the four types of offending addresses and how to deal with each of them effectively.

Convert More Leads Into Sales With These Five Email Follow-Up Campaigns

Most businesses know they should be following up leads with a good email autoresponder sequence. However, many simply don’t know what to write in their emails, and so they never get around to it.

Here are five approaches you can use when creating your email follow-up sequences.

These approaches will help you stay top of mind without boring or annoying your prospect with the same message every … [ Read more ]

The Perfect Cart-Abandonment Email [Infographic]

Follow-up emails sent exactly one hour after customers abandon online shopping carts/booking forms have the highest conversion rates, according to recent research from SaleCycle. The report was based on data from an analysis of cart-abandonment email campaigns sent by 500 major retail/e-commerce brands. Check out the infographic for more insights from the research.

Three PPC Landing Page Tips Hardly Anyone Takes Advantage Of

In PPC advertising, landing pages are crucial to performance. But it’s not just any landing page that will work for your industry or company. You can read all the advice you want and apply all the supposed best-practices that experts tout, but sometimes those practices do the opposite of what you want. So with all the PPC landing page tips out there, how do you … [ Read more ]

Ann Handley, Sir Ken Robinson

The foundation for innovation consists of two things: Imagination and creativity. Imagination gives you the freedom to consider alternative views. Creativity is about applying imagination to existing systems—to challenge what we take for granted. It’s the process of figuring out if your imagined, original ideas have value.

Seven Common Mistakes Marketers Make

When you have worked as a UX consultant for 15 years and counting, you fix a lot of mistakes. In this article, I’ll cover seven mistakes that I come across regularly, and I will include simple strategies to help you overcome them.

Seven Tools for Creating Infographics Without Using Photoshop

How can you create beautiful infographics without using Photoshop? I’m not a Photoshop expert, so I take days to create a basic infographic. I’m a Paint ninja, but I can’t create nice infographics by using Paint. So I searched for fast, easy, and cheap (even free) alternatives. [, Piktochart,, Venngage, Canva, Visme, Infoactive]

Seven Tips to Optimally Organize Your Pricing Page for Conversions

An important part of an optimized website is your pricing page. So how can you best structure it? How can you present the information in the most effective way to help your site visitors decide to start using your product or service? Here are seven rules for designing your pricing page for optimal conversion.

Five Things You Should Be Doing With Your Site Search (but Probably Aren’t)

When is the last time you thought about your e-commerce site’s search solution? If you’re like most digital retailers, you probably haven’t given it much thought in years.

Site search is the workhorse of online shopping, yet it is rarely considered a critical part of an e-commerce strategy.

That’s a huge mistake. Site search is the single strongest indicator of online buying intent. When customers use site … [ Read more ]

Smart Pricing Strategies for Generating Higher Conversions (Part 1 of 2)

Smartphones, tablets, even desktops have forced marketers to move on from age-old pricing models. They have had to dig deeper into buyers’ thought process to understand what persuades buyers. This article will explore some creative ways of pricing products for the digital age, backed by some sound research and practical applications.

Editor’s Note: find part 2 at

Maria Ross

Brand is a three-legged stool: It is conveyed visually, verbally, and experientially. “Visually” is the easy part: your logo, your colors, your design, your packaging. “Verbally” is how you talk, what you say, and which messages you convey. For example, do you lead with price, or do you lead with value? Does your company speak in conservative, authoritarian tones, or are you more playful and … [ Read more ]

Five Key Metrics You Need to Create a Customer-Centric Company

To ensure the customer-centric vision takes root, you need to establish clear metrics that are linked to the company’s strategic, operational, and financial goals. Those metrics will help with determining priorities and shifting the orientation of the company toward a more customer-centered business model. Ideally, the marketing team will work with the executive team to establish the metrics.

Once the metrics are selected, it is a … [ Read more ]

Develop Your Brand Voice: Three Keys to Killer Messaging

Brand is a three-legged stool: It is conveyed visually, verbally, and experientially. “Visually” is the easy part: your logo, your colors, your design, your packaging. “Verbally” is how you talk, what you say, and which messages you convey. For example, do you lead with price, or do you lead with value? Does your company speak in conservative, authoritarian tones, or are you more playful and … [ Read more ]

10 Effective Social Media Posts in 10 Minutes or Less

Social media is a critical piece in the online marketing puzzle for local businesses (and others). But, some days, you have so much to juggle that you just need a quick, easy way to post interesting, engaging content.

So, here are 10 ideas you can use to keep your social channels full of relevant, timely, and useful content—fast!

Seven Dead Ends on Your Website—and How to Fix Them Today

You work hard to drive traffic to your site. Steering people toward your site is hard work. You combine search marketing, social media, and email marketing. You might even be paying good money for those visitors.

But once you have them, are you making the most of those visits? Or is your site sending them down one-way, dead-end streets? Are there places where your user flow … [ Read more ]

Nine Easy Ideas on How to Perform Behavioral Segmentation

Today’s key to subscriber engagement is personalized and relevant email content. Behavioral segmentation is one of the best ways of reaching your target audience and sending exactly what they want.

Email list segmentation by email opens allows you to discover who hasn’t opened your recent campaign and who has stopped reading your newsletters already for some time, so you can resend unopened campaigns or prepare compelling … [ Read more ]

The Eight Touchpoints of a Customer’s Consideration Phase

Eight social touchpoints contribute to the extended decision-making process, providing various ways for customers to connect with friends, family, and experts for advice and creating multiple opportunities for brands to influence potential customers throughout this journey.

Three Powerful Ways to Measure the Impact of Your Email Marketing

Email campaign process metrics such as delivery, open, and click-through rates have their place, but if you don’t look beyond them… you’ll miss the true impact of your marketing—and opportunities for improvement.

Five Ways to Minimize Email List Unsubscribes

A classic email conundrum: How do I prevent or minimize unsubscribes from my email list? First, accept them as a fact of life and don’t take them personally. Then, take these five steps to mitigate unsubscribes.