How Performance Affects Status in Task Groups

UCLA Anderson Professor Corinne Bendersky discusses perceptions of status in task groups and how that evolves over time.

Top Execs Eschew Performance-Based Pay

Professor David Lewin says incentives make sense for all employees.

Bosses Are Accountable Too

Professor Samuel Culbert says a good working relationship is a two-way street.

Leading the Growing Business

Professor Eric Flamholtz says new leadership is needed as start-ups mature.

Is Pay for Performance Detrimental to Innovation?

UCLA Anderson Professor Florian Ederer says that compensation packages should leave some room for experimentation and failure.

What is Good Corporate Strategy?

Professor Richard Rumelt says its simply the focus of resources on business objectives.

Stereotyping Can Enhance Performance

Professor Margaret Shih explains how stereotyping can enhance performance.

Six-Point Framework for Long-Term Success

Professor Eric Flamholtz describes a six point framework (the Pyramid of Organizational Development) that can guide firms to long-term success.

The Corporate Governance Gap Between the U.S. and Japan

Professor Sanford Jacoby and Emily Nason say significant differences remain in the ways that executives in these nations view employees, shareholders and other stakeholders. [Hat tip to]

Scientifically Proven Ways To Be Persuasive

UCLA professor Noah Goldstein on scientifically proven ways to be persuasive

UCLA Anderson Faculty Highlights

UCLA Anderson faculty address topics from their teaching and research in these brief streaming videos. [Hat tip to]

Global Sourcing in Innovation: Theory and Evidence from the Information Technology Hardware Industry

Economists, including Paul Samuelson and Jagdish Bhagwati, vigorously debate whether offshore outsourcing in high-tech industries helps or harms the U.S. economy. The main issue is whether insourcing countries, such as China or India, will catch up with and eventually outcompete the U.S. Moreover, the dearth of off shore outsourcing data has hindered the study of the impact of offshore outsourcing. To explore the impact of … [ Read more ]

How to Be a Leader in Your Field: A Guide for Students in Professional Schools

In a knowledge-intensive world of ceaseless innovation and change, I assert, every professional must be a leader. This is not a universally popular idea. Some people say, “leadership is fine for others, but I just want a job”. I want to argue that it doesn’t work that way. The skills that the leader exercises in building a critical mass of opinion around emerging issues are … [ Read more ]

Statistics Calculators

Keep this link on hand for the ultimate list of statistical calculators. The site features good basic sample size calculators as well as calculators for more advanced research methodologies (see Power Calculators or Correlation and Regression Calculators). Remember that market testing and research are at the heart of good marketing ROI practices. The more insight you can gain into what marketing activities, campaigns, offers and … [ Read more ]