Wait But Why’s Tim Urban on Parsing and Transmitting Complex Ideas

Tim Urban is the Bruce Lee of long-form. In his inimitable style, he tackles the most enigmatic, entangled topics, ranging from AI to procrastination, from cryonics to picking a life partner. In this exclusive interview, the Wait But Why blogger shares how he distills and presents complex ideas so they’re rich and resonant for others: an act that every startup leader and team must master over and over again. He discusses three common types of complex ideas — and why those distinctions matter in how you unravel them. Then, Urban shares how he thinks about explaining difficult concepts to others — and how a 1-10 rating can help. Lastly, he offers tips on how to present concepts so that they’re sticky and useful for others. From editorial team of two to editorial team of two, the Review deeply admires how Wait But Why can extricate and explain. Any startup with an equally lean team can learn a lot from Urban and his approach.

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