William E. Schneider

Culture means how we hire, structure, deploy, compensate, and develop our employees to deliver on our customer promise. It establishes and underpins a company’s: structure, membership criteria, conditions for judging effective performance, communication patterns, expectations and priorities, the nature of reward and compensation, the nature and use of power, decision-making practices, and teaming practices (among others). It is about our community of employees. It is about how we do things in order to succeed. It is all about implementation. Over time, if we are more and more successful, culture becomes equivalent to our identity. The more successful our enterprise is, the stronger our culture becomes. Culture is not a compilation of individual people’s values. Culture is essentially formed by what it takes for your people to fully deliver on your enterprise’s customer promise. It is driven by the nature of your business and what it takes for you to succeed in your marketplace.

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