Beyond Training: Reconceptualising Learning at Work

“In a relatively known and predictable world rational solutions can be planned, for training as for anything else. A programme can be organised and implemented so that a workforce acquires the skills it needs. These skills will be the possessions of individuals. But perhaps we are beginning to see the limitations of this way of understanding things. To conceive learning objectives as WISE and OPEN is to begin to transcend these limitations. They acknowledge the social nature of learning: that knowledge is created by people in combination with each other and also lives in social relationships (and so will not vanish with the employee). It is a function of persons in interaction and not a possession of individuals.”

Article also lays out 7 Fundamental Principles of Personal/Personnel Development:
1. openness
2. uncertainty
3. complexity
4. relationships
5. reflection
6. reframing
7. restoration

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