These Seven Emotions Aren’t Deadly — They’re Your Secret Career Superpowers

Most of us buy into a certain set of myths when it comes to feelings on the job. Even though emotions play a central role in our lives, we’re trained to check them at the door before we head into work. We hesitate before talking openly about the monstrous emotions that lurk beneath the surface at startups. We’re told to “follow your head, not your heart” when it comes to making career decisions.

But in reality, the cost of ignoring emotions is steep. Liz Fosslien is here to correct that narrative. She and her co-author Mollie West Duffy published No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotions at Work. Their book weaves together advice from researchers and executives across industries, from Wharton professor Adam Grant to Radical Candor author Kim Scott. The book is a roadmap that helps employees circumnavigate the misconceptions around emotions at work and set a course for healthier, more compassionate waters.

In this exclusive interview, Fosslien walks us through the seven emotions that we all deal with (and try to push away) at work: Anxiety, Envy, Uncertainty, Conflict, Spiraling, Not Belonging, and Rejection. She weaves in stories of how those emotions have played a role throughout her career, from her anxiety-ridden days as a young analyst, to her multifaceted career as an artist, writer and head of content. Drawing from her book and new commentary, she provides tactics to help individuals and managers not only work through each emotion, but to embrace them as career signposts and hidden superpowers.

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