Your Enterprise as Living System: Success Starts with Knowing the Kind of Business You’re Really In

Every kind of for-profit and/or not-for-profit enterprise falls into one of four categories determined by (and named after) their customer promise: the predictable and dependable enterprise delivering consistent, reliable, and dependable products or services; the best-in-class enterprise delivering one-of-a-kind and distinctive products or services; the customized enterprise delivering a unique solution to each customer; or the enrichment enterprise promising fulfillment and the realization of higher-level purposes. Simply put, a nuclear power plant, a day care center, a PR firm and a high-tech business have fundamentally different promises and must be led differently. Choose leadership and cultural practices that fit your customer promise and company type and your organization can thrive. Apply the wrong practices and the contradictions will cause conflicts that pull your company apart. You must learn which of the four enterprise types fits your organization and a step-by-step process for connecting the drivers of leadership and the drivers of culture that apply to your organization.

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